Split w. Old Soul

by ██████

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James Shearman
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James Shearman ██████ rules everything around me
xhrl_ thumbnail
xhrl_ This is ██████'s two song contribution to the Split with Old Soul. As a huge fan of this & the full LP "Demo" by ██████ I find it difficult to hide my enthusiasm, so I won't bother. The only thing holding me back on the accolades for ██████ is that this is not a full length black metal LP! Beauty is evident in all the aspects of their approach; superb acoustic parts, the tempo changes fit the songs so organically, & the atmospheres are integrated thematically in a seamless manner. Listen & know! Favorite track: V.
Spinebrain thumbnail
Spinebrain The guys carry on where they left off with the Demo. There are hints of Deafheaven in some parts, but they make it their own nonetheless. Favorite track: V.
Ryan Hamilton
Ryan Hamilton thumbnail
Ryan Hamilton Please tell me this is getting a vinyl release. Favorite track: V.
Matthew Lowery
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Matthew Lowery One of the best new black metal bands. They take quite a lot of influence from 90s screamo bands like Orchid or Saetia with the massive amounts of noise, feedback, tremolo-picking and frenzied, cavernous screams, of Deafheaven, with a great appreciation for atmosphere and song structure. Favorite track: V.
Addam Schimmer
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Addam Schimmer I fell in love with their demo so I had to pick this up. The only negative thing I can think of is that its just a split and not a full length. I'm left wanting more! Recording quality is a step up from the demo too. Amazing split.
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released June 1, 2014

Vocals: Michal
Guitar: Petr
Guitar: Martin
Guitar: Majty
Drums: Palma

Mix: kom4six
Master: @BrightBlackEarth.Tumblr.com by Alex Larson
Artwork: www.petrblaha.cz


Distributed by Day After Records



all rights reserved


██████ Plzen, Czech Republic

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Track Name: V
Chtěl sem žít a dělit se o to
Místo toho nežiju a dělím se o vše
Chtěl sem být a dělit se o to
Ale nejsem a dělím se
Jsem sám…jsem

Ale něco mě chybí
Já dal bych někomu kus
Podělil se
Ale zvykám si
Zvykám si být, zvykám si žít
Zvykám si

Teď přežívám jen v sobě sám
Potřebuju klidný kout
A zhasnout světla
Nemluv, nedýchej, nedotýkej se mě
Chci být sám
Chci být sám

A touha se podělit se vytrácí
Samota se klaní sobectví
Jen občas zastesknu si po sdílení
Jsem sám


I wanted to live and share it
Instead I don’t live and share everything
I wanted to be and share it
But I am not and I share

I am alone… I am
But I miss something
I’d give a part of me
Share it
But I am getting used to
I am getting used to be, to live
I am getting used to

Now I am surviving alone in myself
I need some quiet corner
To turn off the lights
Don’t speak, don’t breathe, don’t touch me
I want to be alone
I want to be alone

And the desire to share is disappearing
Loneliness is bowing down before selfishness
I just feel some nostalgia for sharing sometimes
I am alone
Track Name: VI
Noc kdy nenajdeš na obloze
Velký vůz
Stromy se ohýbají náporem větru
Snažíš se stát na místě
Den kdy zhaslo poslední světlo

A co ty?
Všechno jednou končí

Ale dnes nic nového nezačíná
Ale dnes nic nového nekončí

Točíš se proti větru
A doufáš, že to ustojíš

Jsem lovec bez kořisti
Jsem vrah co mu chybí oběť
Všude kolem je prázdnota
A jsem toho plnej

Ležim v prachu
Každej nádech mě dusí
Nemůžu dýchat
Nemůžu dýchat
Nemůžu dýchat
Už nechci


A night when you don’t find
The great bear in the sky
The trees are blowing in the wind
You’re trying to stay put
The day when the last light went out

And what about you?
Everything ends once

But there is nothing new starting today
But there is nothing new coming to an end

You’re turning against the wind
And hoping that you can withstand it

I am a hunter without a prey
I am a murderer who lacks it’s victim
Emptiness, all around me
And I am full of it

I am lying in the dirt
Choking with my every breath
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
I don’t want to